Project Soilwarm



How will warming-induced changes of the whole-soil affect soil biota interactions: implications for CNP cycling

Vulnerability of deep soil C pool (e.g., 1m depth) under chronic warming

Principal investigator:

Abad Chabbi (INRAE, URP3F & Ecosys)


INRAE/Ecosys (Fréderic Rees, Tobias Bolscher, Cedric Plessis)

SorbonneU/IEES (Cornelia Rumpel, Marie-France Dignac, Philippe Biron)

LEM/INRAE (Alessandro Florio, Xavier Le Roux, Agnès, Richaume-Jolion , Abigail Delort, Jonathan Gervaix, Charline Creuse Des Chatelliers)

Eco&sol/INRAE (Isabelle Bertrand, Mickaël Hedde, Josiane Jabadie, Nancy Rakotondrazafy Nancy, Apersonne Aline, Arnal Didier)

EMMAH/INRAE (Céline Pelosi, Yvan Capowiez)

UMR AGROECOLOGY/INRAE (Dirk Redecker, Pierre-Alain Maron, Véronique Edel-Hermann, Nadine, Gautheron, Nathalie Koszela)

FERLUSE/INRAE (Marie-Laure Decau, François Gastal, Christophe De-Beranger, Patrick Beauclair)

Berkeley Lab USA (Margaret Torn, William Riley)

Peking University China (Biao Zhu)


Zulfikar Khan, (PhD 2021-2024): Temperature sensitivity of microbial decomposition and soil carbon cycling under chronic soil warming)


  1. Determine the response of soil biodiversity to warming (+4°C) in topsoil and subsoil of undisturbed whole–soil profiles under 3 different ecosystem types.
  2. Understand how microbial growth and turnover affects SOM dynamics and nutrient availability under soil warming.
  3. Elucidate the relationship between soil biodiversity, plant responses and biogeochemical cycling.
  4. Develop scenarios, based on a coherent and plausible set of assumptions on key quantitative driving forces using model-based simulations to understand and predict soil biogeochemical response to global change across spatial and temporal scales.
  5. Give management recommendations for the adaptation of ecosystems to climate change.  
Conceptual model depicting pathways by which the whole soil warming, and land use affect service provision.
Real world field whole soil warming experiment

Organisation of the project

Overall Work Plan Structure depicting interaction between the different work packages.

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