PhD Students

1582744970086Asma Jerray, Université de Poitiers et Université de Saclay (2021-2024)
PhD subject: Trade off between organic carbon stocks and N2O emissions in managed grassland soils

Yacouba Zi, Sorbonne U (2021-2024)

PhD subject: Role of functional earthworm traits for the regulation of soil biogeochemical cycling

MD Zulfikar Khan, University of Poitiers (2021-2024)

PhD project: Effect of soil warming on biogeochemical cycling of grassland soils under contrasting management

Hoang Dang, Sorbonne U and VAAS (2021-2024)

PhD project: Linking biodiversity to soil organic carbon sequestration

Melissa Bakhos, Sorbonne U (2022-2025)

PhD project: Occurrence and fate of biodegradable plastics in soil