The 4 per 1000 initiative

3rd ‘4 per 1000 initiative day’  (13.12.2018 at COP 24 in Kattowice) on UTUBE:

A recent article led by a PSG member was published in 2018 in Nature:

Rumpel, C., Amiraslani, F., Koutika, L.-S., Smith, P., Whitehead, D., Wollenberg, E., 2018 : Put more carbon in soils to meet Paris climate pledges. Nature, 564, 32-34.

more information on this article can be found here: press release

Our group contributed to  articles on the 4 per 1000 initiative published in 2017:

Chabbi A., Lehmann J., Ciais P., Loescher H. W., Cotrufo M. F., Don A., SanClements M., Schipper L., Six J., Smith P., Rumpel C. (2017). Aligning agriculture and climate policy. Nature Climate Change, 7 (5) : 307-309.

Dignac, M.-F., Derrien, D., Barre, P., Barot, S., Cécillon, L., Chenu, C., Chevallier, T., Freschet, G., Garnier, P., Guenet, B., Hedde, M., Klumpp, K., Lashermes, G., Maron, P.-A., Nunan, N., Roumet, C., Basile-Doelsch, I. (2017). Increasing soil carbon storage: mechanisms, effects of agricultural practices and proxies. A review. Agronomy for Sustainable Development, 37:14 (2).

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